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visual advocacy

One Saturday night, I had a very scary experience.

A man with a gun ran toward me, as I was getting

out of my car in front of my house. I screamed as

if I were trying out for a horror flick. He didn't have

much time to rob me since two of my neighbors

heard my penetrating cry.


The following day, while driving home, I noticed

very few porch lights were shining on my street.

In an effort to deal with my new terrors of getting

out of my car and racing to my front door in the

darkness; I decided to call upon the neighbors

for help.


To me, a shining lightbulb is a symbol of safety.

I placed these light bulb packages on the porches

of several houses on my street as a gesture to

inform others about my experience, to promote

community watchfulness and to encourage

everyone to turn on a porchlight.


This project was recognized by Design Observer.

Another public experiment included writing
my diary entry in the snow. A few days later,
I revisited the site to document the sad,
melting type.

One passerby asked me to mail him a
photograph of the snow type. He was moved
by the demonstration. Another passerby said
to me, "soon, very soon."

This work demonstrates a whimsical approach
to a somber topic.


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